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Methodologies for Acoustical Virtual Product Development

Developing Outstanding Sound Performance Using Multidisciplinary Simulation and Mvoid’s VRtool

The guiding principle of Mvoid’s Virtual Product Development is to optimize the acoustic performance of audio components and systems in the early product development phase. Mvoid utilizes Multiphysics model-based simulations and Mvoid’s VRtool to define and create a decision-making foundation for product optimization – the sound system is made audible before a first prototype is fabricated.

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Unprecedented Methodology

The Mvoid methodology enables a development environment based purely on computer-generated models and opens up the possibility of evaluating virtual prototypes of sound systems including virtual listening.


Our Commitment:

  • Significant reduction of development time
  • Reduction of development costs by utilizing virtual prototypes
  • Minimize risks by enabling safe decisions in the early concept phase
  • Maximize efficient use of resources
  • Ensure competitiveness in all facets of cost, performance and packaging (size, weight etc.)

Mvoid – the Virtual Product Development Experts

for Automotive, Consumer and Professional Audio

Automotive Audio

An automobile is one of the most difficult environments in which to achieve good sound quality. In order to achieve an outstanding sound performance, not only the quality of the loudspeakers is important, of particular importance is the mechanical and acoustical integration of the loudspeakers into the vehicle.

Professional Audio

There are many challenges to consider when designing a new line array system for touring, a concert hall, or theatre: the size of the hall, the shape of the ceiling, flat or curved walls, the position of the stage itself etc. Every detail of the system is simulated, culminating in auralization of full venue models.

Mvoid Methodology
Significantly Reduces
Time to Market

Mvoid works with customers in the early phase of concept development to analyze feasibility and options to achieve desired goals. Using complex simulation models and Mvoid VRtool we provide the basis for decisions on further product development.

Mvoid couples up to six different simulation tier levels providing graphical, data and audible outputs. When all tier levels are being applied, we can refer to a complete virtual product development environment that enables a realistic listening experience of the virtual system at any time of the project and hence move to market entrance securely.


Mvoid Services & Software

Mvoid Software & Tools

Mvoid offers proprietary custom software and training for users to use in their in-house design groups. Utilizing multidisciplinary simulation solutions, Mvoid combine all aspects of the electro-acoustics with a digital physics approach and our own Mvoid tuning and auralization tool (VRtool).


Mvoid Consulting and Realization

Consulting services range from first feasibility studies through to the realization and implementation of the entire product development process. This can include advanced transducer and audio system design and integration into the listening space. In addition, Mvoid offers consulting services as a resource extension for customers with limited in-house capability.