2. Virtual ALTI EXPO 2020 on July 15, 2020

Mvoid will also participate in the 2nd Virtual ALTI EXPO 2020 on 15 July 2020. The Mvoid team will give a tutorial on virtual product development of audio systems.

Attendance is free for Members and non-Members as a service to the industry during this global pandemic.

ALTI (formerly ALMA) is a not for profit association dedicated to professionals in the Audio & Loudspeaker Technologies Industry. The association provides a platform for the exchange of latest technology information, networking and education. The annual convention, ALTI-EXPO brings together audio professionals from around the world to learn, to teach, and to get business done!


Virtual Product Development of Audio Systems


Presenter: Tommaso Nizzoli and Ralph Haddad

Time: 10.30 – 11:30 AM EST



Virtual product development has become an important tool in the creation of new acoustic products. Simulation technologies have been developed to reduce the iterations and number of prototypes, which turned out especially attractive in automotive. The priorities in professional audio are in principle the same: Reduce time and cost and still get a better product.


By introducing virtual methods, the development process changes:

  • The product definition at the beginning can be largely expanded to trying out different variants of virtual prototypes. The listening session is at the beginning, not at the end.


  • The term “best product” becomes more specific by meaning the “optimized product for a set of functions”. From the requirements, numerical optimization methods can find the “sweet spot” between all the trade-offs to be made.


In the tutorial, Thomas, Tommaso and Ralph examine the product development processes in professional audio, consumer and automotive. An overview of virtual methods and tools is presented. Opportunities as well as restrictions are discussed.

Examples are presented in live demos, exploring all the levels where simulation can support or change the development process.


Agenda 2. Virtual ALTI EXPO 2020

Link to the recording: Virtual Product Development of Audio Systems