AES 2020 European Pro Audio Convention from May 25 – 28, 2020

The Audio Engineering Society has officially cancelled the live, in-person components of the AES Vienna 2020 Convention scheduled for May. AES leadership, the Convention organizing committee and headquarters staff members are working diligently to organize the logistics of a virtualization of the Convention technical program.


Mvoid plans to participate with a tutorial on virtual product development in Professional Audio.




Virtual Product Development in Professional Audio
Virtual product development has become an important tool in the creation of new acoustic products. Simulation technologies have been developed to reduce the iterations and number of prototypes, which turned out especially attractive in automotive. The priorities in professional audio are in principle the same: Reduce time and cost and still get a better product.

However, the introduction of virtual methods also requires a change in the development process. In the tutorial, Thomas examines the product development processes in Professional Audio and Consumer. He will present an overview of virtual methods and tools and will discuss opportunities as well as restrictions. Using selected examples, the Mvoid team will present methods and applications in a live demonstration. They will show all levels where simulations can support or change the development process and demonstrate how they can be used for physical models.


Presenter: Thomas Gmeiner (Engineering Director)
Co-Presenters: Tommaso Nizzoli (Chief CAE Analyst), Ralph Haddad (CAE Analyst)


Link to event: AES 2020 European Pro Audio Convention