Change of Company Name: From Konzept-X to Mvoid

November 22, 2016:


By now, Konzept-X has been in business for five years. Konzept-X was founded in 2011.
Words could not express how proud I am looking back these five years.

Five years with a dynamic start. We get off on the right foot. We hit the ground running: One month after the foundation, we received the first order from a renowned OEM about the simulation of acoustic properties of a sound system, four months later the second order of a reputable OEM followed. We soon succeeded in demonstrating our simulation methodology for other automotive manufacturers. The simulations were convincing. Our idea achieved the desired effect. From now on the further development of the Mvoid methodology received our full concentration and energy. Meanwhile, our customers include OEMs and partners of the mobility industry on three continents.

These five years were an exciting and successful time for us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much, dear customers. Without you, we would be singers without orchestras.

The idea of naming and the idea to found Konzept-X was to generate and market patents and new technologies. The name Konzept-X was tailored to these ideas.

Today, we focus on virtual acoustics andsound design according to our self-developed Mvoid methodology. Since 2016 with the launch of two new Mvoid modules: virtual tuning and auralization. Our simulations come to life, they are made audible!

We are fully focused on our Mvoid methodology with utmost concentration. As of now under new name. I decided to change the company name Konzept-X into Mvoid. The change of our company name is – to me – the logical consequence of bringing the name in line with our product portfolio. Company name and product name become one part. The change of the company name will not result in any further changes of legal relationships.

The guiding principle of Mvoid is to virtually optimize the acoustic performance of products and systems. Creating a simple decision-making basis for product development. Thanks to our Mvoid methodology results from the concept phase are made audible. Turning innovative ideas to reality. Paving the way for further development.

The decisive factor is the top-down approach. The following Mvoid V-model shows the Mvoid phases within the product development process.

The Mvoid product suite ranges from feasibility analysis up to the realization and implementation of virtual acoustics and sound design throughout the entire product development process. Moreover Mvoid offers the Mvoid knowledge transfer in personalized training sessions.

Our commitment:

  • Safe decision-making basis in the early concept phase
  • Reduction of conventional development time by more than half
  • Saving of development costs
  • Conservation of resources
  • Minimizing risks
  • Ensuring competitiveness


For you, this means an optimum technical and economical realization of your concepts. From the first idea to the market entrance.
We would like to inspire you with ever better solutions for perfect sound and acoustic comfort.

Those of you who know me well know about my passion for Jazz music. Let me quote Fats Waller, a well-known jazz pianist, at this point: „Jazz isn’t what you do, it’s how you do it“. A core element of Jazz music is the improvisation, the creation of something new. In most cases, there are several soloists who give the music piece its character by their stylistic individuality. Although Jazz improvises, the arrangement is of great importance. The improviser knows what the accompanying musicians do and can flower out his style in this way all the better.

Jazz forms for me a metaphor to Mvoid: Mvoid knows all the properties and boundary elements which affect the sound.  Each product, each product line is unique with its own characteristics. Mvoid provides the desired sound character, the personal DNA of the brand and products.

This is done by the optimal modeling of simulation processes and intelligent use of simulation software. For even better sound and sound comfort.


Development of Konzept-X at a glance:


Along with the change of the company name, we created a new look and feel to Mvoid. We designed a new logo and modernized our website. Explore more about our services and the company. We are looking forward to your website visit!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to the next five years!

Best regards

Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik
President & CEO MVOID Group