We are going further by reproducing outstanding sound performance and acoustic comfort

MVOID is a pioneer and expert in virtual acoustics and sound design with the focus on mobility. We are turning innovative ideas into reality.

Already in the early phase of the first developing ideas for new products we are working together with our customers. In the concept phase we examine whether ideas are feasible based on available CAD data. We analyze and optimize the concepts in the virtual environment and make reliable predictions by making the concepts audible due to auralization. This takes place even before the first prototype is built. The results are the basis for further product development.

In the past, the large number of acoustic influences meant that acoustic experts had to optimize the acoustic properties with real prototypes. Today MVOID’s self-developed simulation methodology delivers reliable and audible results on the computer.

Profile, equipment and material properties of a product typically changes during the development process. The virtual model allows rapid adaptation to different system architectures and system content. The growing multidisciplinary simulation model offers a safe analysis and enables a continuous evaluation and improvement of products and systems throughout the complete development process while at the same time validates acoustic properties.

Unique: The growing multidisciplinary simulation methodology of MVOID analyzes, optimizes and predicts sound and vibrations of products and systems in the virtual environment. Already in the pre-development phase acoustics becomes audible and noticeable.


The simulation model can be used from concept development of the next generation of vehicles to SOP (Start of Production).

Our commitment at a glance: 

  • Reduction of conventional development time by more than half
  • Saving of development costs
  • Conservation of resources
  • Minimizing risks
  • Ensuring competitiveness


We of MVOID advise customers, we analyze development processes and design simulation solutions based on the meta level, in order to develop future-driven products and systems together with our customers. Upon customers request we transfer our MVOID methodology in personalized training sessions.



to act with foresight, as a thought leader.
Analyze, predict and resolve acoustical challenges in the virtual domain at an early stage.
Make it noticeable, audible.
Continuously explore new solutions for excellent sound and active noise control of our customers’ products. Inspiring people with better solutions.

This will help to ensure that we achieve OUR VISION:

Become the globally recognized and leading company in virtual acoustics and sound design and expert in the modeling of simulation processes. Innovator for a continuous improvement of acoustic performance of products and systems of mobility and industries where sound and vibrations play an important role.





Dr. A. J. Svobodnik, President & CEO of the MVOID-Group is entrepreneur, thought leader, engineer and technical scientist. He has been researching for more than 25 years in the areas of virtual acoustics and sound design. His passion is Jazz music.

Previously, he spent five years with Harman International Inc. and has held a number of different senior managerial positions in the areas simulation and virtual acoustics for audio systems. Alfred started his career as founding member, Executive Partner and CTO in 1990 with Numerical Analysis and Design, a company specialized in engineering analysis with finite and boundary elements for stress analysis, dynamics and acoustics.

In 1990 Alfred completed his doctorate at Vienna University of Technology with the degree “Doktor der Techn. Wissenschaften” (equivalent to PhD). The title of his dissertation is: „Numerical Treatment of Elastic Plastic Macromechanical Behavior of Longfiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites“. He also holds a university degree: “Diplom-Ingenieur” (equivalent to MSc) from Vienna University of Technology.

He is honorary member of NAFEMS, member of the NAFEMS German Steering Committee and Chairman of the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group as well as founding member of the NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineering Scheme. Furthermore, he is a full member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and Chairman of the AES Technical Committee for Automotive Audio.

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One of my favorite quotes is: “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” (Victor Hugo)

For me, this guiding principle includes: always act with foresight, take a look at new, undiscovered ideas, sometimes move away from conventional ways, think outside the box in order to give ideas room to evolve. Ideas, whose time have come.






  • November: Foundation of Konzept-X by Alfred Svobodnik and Armin Prommersberger with the focus on Automotive Audio
  • December: First order by an OEM with rings in the logo
  • March: Second order of an OEM with a star in the logo
  • September: Takeover of all company shares and sole responsibility of Konzept-X by Alfred Svobodnik
  • October: Legal change of company into Konzept-X GmbH
  • Increase in the number of customers in Germany and Europe. An OEM from the north is calling
  • Continuous expansion in customer base and partner network as well as employee growth
  • In addition to virtual prototypes of loudspeakers, we now also offer real prototypes
  • We are starting a multi-year-project with a premium OEM and we are supporting for the first time the development of sound systems on a virtual basis for a car line from concept phase to SOP
  • Our network is expanding to North America
  • Asia is calling! Starting a first, successful project with a Korean OEM
  • We receive initial enquiries regarding the licensing of our simulation methodology MVOID
  • Konzept-Y GmbH (Austria) is founded
  • We set-up a new line of business. We start licensing our simulation methodology MVOID
  • Change of company name: From Konzept-X GmbH to MVOID Technologies GmbH, from Konzept-Y GmbH to MVOID Automotive Audio GmbH. The MVOID Group is set up
  • We are starting with Sound Design & Active Noise Control projects also outside the automotive industry
  • Launch of two new MVOID modules: virtual tuning and auralization. Our simulations come to life, they are made audible!
  • Continuous expansion of the customer base and partner network as well as employee growth