• November: Foundation of Konzept-X by Alfred Svobodnik and Armin Prommersberger with the focus on Automotive Audio
  • December: First order by an OEM with rings in the logo
  • March: Second order of an OEM with a star in the logo
  • September: Takeover of all company shares and sole responsibility of Konzept-X by Alfred Svobodnik
  • October: Legal change of company into Konzept-X GmbH
  • Increase in the number of customers in Germany and Europe. An OEM from the north is calling
  • Continuous expansion in customer base and partner network as well as employee growth
  • In addition to virtual prototypes of loudspeakers, we now also offer real prototypes
  • We are starting a multi-year-project with a premium OEM and we are supporting for the first time the development of sound systems on a virtual basis for a car line from concept phase to SOP
  • Our network is expanding to North America
  • Asia is calling! Starting a first, successful project with a Korean OEM
  • We receive initial enquiries regarding the licensing of our simulation methodology MVOID
  • Konzept-Y GmbH (Austria) is founded
  • We set-up a new line of business. We start licensing our simulation methodology MVOID
  • Change of company name: From Konzept-X GmbH to MVOID Technologies GmbH, from Konzept-Y GmbH to MVOID Automotive Audio GmbH. The MVOID Group is set up
  • We are starting with Sound Design & Active Noise Control projects also outside the automotive industry
  • Launch of two new MVOID modules: virtual tuning and auralization. Our simulations come to life, they are made audible!
  • Continuous expansion of the customer base and partner network as well as employee growth