The guiding principle of our MVOID methodology (= multidisciplinary virtually optimized industrial design) is to develop products with acoustical properties in the virtual space by multidisciplinary simulation. On an early and continuous use of multidisciplinary simulation according to MVOID methodology our customers in the development departments are able to make safe decisions at any time of a product development based on digital, audible, realistic models from start of development until SOP.

The unique: Already in the pre-development phase, the MVOID methodology reproduces audible results and provides the basis for the landmark decision for further development thanks to the auralization process. A milestone in simulation.


Reduce development time while at the same time optimize product quality
The MVOID methodology significantly reduces long-lasting tests on prototypes. In the past, disturbing acoustic influences had to be adjusted respectively eliminated by acoustic experts manually on physical prototypes while today they are quickly recognized and optimized in the virtual space. By using MVOID in the pre-development phase complete new ways of integration can be taken into account. For example the use of cavities of the vehicle structure as resonance volume for loudspeakers.

At an early stage of development, when only a few parameters are known, MVOID transfers ideas into reality and explores new solutions. For each major stage of the product development process a proper simulation process is defined, which varies in the dimensions detail, linearity and scale in modeling.

Due to the specific components respectively process phases, different simulation software packages are used. The challenge is to couple the different applications with each other and to convey all relevant information as well as to consider all physical disciplines. This is the only way an agile simulation flow, the so-called “swing”, can be achieved throughout the entire product development process.

“It does not matter what you do but how you do it. The simulation model “swings”. The “Swing” provides the optimal combination of different CAE software packages to individually modeled simulation processes.”

The intelligent use of the CAE simulation software during the product development cycle is crucial. It is essential to provide the optimal functionality throughout the complete development time in order to provide safe results and to offer optimization possibilities. The closer we get to SOP, the more of a refinement is performed for realistic results.