Im Überblick für Sie: Unsere Fachbeiträge von ausgewählten Konferenzen

14. – 16.05.2018, Bamberg, Germany

NAFEMS DACH Conference
A Digital Development Environment for Virtual Sound Design of Vehicles (only in English available)

17. – 18.04.2018, Hanau, Germany

CAE Grand Challenge
A Fully Digital CAE-based Multi-disciplinary Development Environment for Virtual Sound Design of EVs/HEVs (only in English available)

11.06. – 14.06.2017, Stockholm, Sweden

NAFEMS World Congress
Next Generation Acoustical Simulations: Listen To Your Digital Prototypes (only in English available)
15.11. – 16.11.2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

NAFEMS European Multiphysics Conference
Multiphysics of Electrodynamic Loudspeakers (only in English available)
15.06. – 16.06.2016, Telford, U.K.

NAFEMS UK Conference
The Next Generation of Engineering Analysis: Simulation Process Modeling (only in English available)
04.06. – 07.06.2016, Paris, France

140th AES Convention
Multiphysical Simulation Methods for Loudspeakers – Nonlinear CAE-based Simulations (only in English available)
25.04. – 27.04.2016, Bamberg, Germany

Deutschsprachige NAFEMS-Konferenz
Die nächste Generation von 
Engineering Analysis Software: Modellierung von Simulationsprozessen
10. – 11.11.2015, Wiesbaden, Germany

NAFEMS Seminar: Practical Issues in Structural Dynamics
Structural Dynamics of Electrodynamic Loudspeakers (only in English available)

29.10. – 01.11.2015, New York, USA

139th AES Convention
Multiphysical Simulation Mehtods for Loudspeakers – Advanced CAE-based Simulations of Vibration Systems (only in English available)
19.10. – 20.10.2015, Parcengo del Garda, Italy

Int’l CAE Conference
The Next Generation of Analysis Engineering Software: Simulation Process Modeling (Slides, only in English available)
21.06. – 24.06.2015, San Diego, USA

NAFEMS World Congress
Next Generation Software: Simulation Process Modeling (only in English available)
21.10. – 22.10.2014, Manchester, U.K.

NAFEMS European Conference
Multiphysical Software: Comparing Best-of-Class approach against All-In-Strategy (only in English available)
9.10. – 12.10.2014, Los Angeles, USA

AES 137th Convention
Multiphysical Simulation Methods for Loudspeakers – Advanced CAE-based Simulations of Motor System (only in English available)
20.05. – 21.05.2014, Bamberg, Germany

NAFEMS Conference
Multipysikalische Simulationsmethoden für Lautsprecher – eine (un-) endliche Geschichte?
26.04. – 29.04.2014, Berlin, Germany

AES 136th Convention
Multiphysical Simulation Methods for Loudspeakers – A (Never)Ending Story? (only in English available)
18.11. – 19.11.2013, Wiesbaden, Germany

NAFEMS Seminar
Do We Still Need (New) Software? On the Way from Software Development to Process Development (only in English available)

17.10. – 20.10.2013, New York, USA

AES 135th Convention
Virtual Development of Audio Systems – Application of CAE Methods (only in English available)

 08.11. – 09.11.2011, Wiesbaden, Germany

CAE as Key Technology for the Multidisciplinary Virtual Product Development of Automotive Audio Systems (only in English available)

20.10. – 23.10.2011, New York, USA

AES 131st Convention
Virtual Systems Engineering in Automotive Audio (only in English available)

 Bis 2010
 22.05. – 25.05.2010, London, U.K.

AES 128th Convention
Considerations for the optimal Locations and Boundary Effects for Loudspeakers in an Automotive Interior (only in English available)

2004, Las Vegas, USA

Computational Acoustics by means of Finite and Boundary Elements for Woofers, Tweeters, Horns and small Transducers (only in English available)

07.07. – 12.07.2002, Vienna, Austria

Fluid Structure Interaction in Computational Acoustics Including Viscothermal Wave Propagation using Finite and Boundary Elements (only in English available)

10.04. – 11.04.2002, Essen, Germany

Haus der Technik
Anwendungen und Akustiksimulationen mittels Finite Elemente und Randelemente für elektromechanische Wandler

17.10. – 19.10.2001, Berlin, Germany

Acoustic Analysis of Harddisc Drive (only in English available)

04.07. – 07.07.2000, Garmisch, Germany

 7. Int. Congress on Sound&Vibration
A coupled FE/BE-Method for Elasto Acoustics: Formulations and Applications (only in English available)

2000, Barcelona, Spain

Hiper (High Performance Computing)
Parallelization of a commercial Boundary/Finite Elemente Code using compiler Directives (only in English available)

1998, Zurich, Switzerland

Hiper (High Performance Computing)
Interfacing a commercial Finite Elemente Code to HP’s MLIB on running on a V-Class System (only in English available)