Virtual ALTI on June 15, 2021: Presentation “Multiphysics Simulation of a Low Frequency Horn Loudspeaker”

On June 15, 2021, the virtual ALTI EXPO 2021 will take place.

Mvoid and Funktion One will participate with a joint presentation at 5:00 pm CET.


Multiphysics Simulation of a Low Frequency Horn Loudspeaker

Using a reference project, Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik and James Hipperson, Acoustic Design Engineer Funktion One, will give insight into advanced modeling  procedures for professional horn-loaded bass loudspeakers.

They will explain the following milestones of the virtual development process:

– CAD based geometry definition
– Physics attributes of transducer and enclosure
– Fully coupled multiphysical analysis
– Electromagnetics
– Structural dynamics
– Acoustics
– Postprocessing

Alfred and James will show that this approach will predict correctly a non-trivial design/geometry, purely from the geometry model, in the sense that it covers both resonant and horn loading effects.

A special focus will be on postprocessing following the paradigm of a virtual measurement resulting in high resolution directivity patterns for further analysis in array modeling and room acoustics predictions.

Eventually, validation of results by means of measurements will be shown.


Attendees can participate in the one-day free online seminars and presentations of the virtual ALTI free of charge. ALTI membership is not required for the event.


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