NAFEMS Seminar: Physics-Based Digital Twins from March 23-24, 21

Digital twins can enable companies to solve physical problems faster by identifying them earlier, predict outcomes much more accurately, design and build better products, and ultimately serve their customers better.


In the NAFEMS seminar the attendees will revisit the definition of Digital Twins, ranging from the raw CAD models to high-fidelity connected twins, and their corresponding use cases. The presenters will showcase new breakthrough research and development supporting the digital twin concept, in several areas.


Companies and organizations such as SKC Engineering (Canada), EDR Medeso (Norway), IABG (Germany), IFB Institute of Aircraft Design, University Stuttgart (Germany), National Physical Laboratory (United Kingdom), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), Prostep (Germany), RISE (Sweden), Rolls-Royce Corp. (USA) confirmed presentations.


Mvoid Group will participate with a presentation about Digital Twins for Audio Systems on March 24, 2021. This presentation will give an overview of a new concept for a digital twin for audio systems that contains in its heart a multiphysical simulation model that has been extended to a multidisciplinary model. An essential aspect is the use of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) in addition to CAE based methods. The model can be used for product development as well as for virtual field testing, system optimization and monitoring. The key ingredients will be discussed, and also the engineering as well as business benefits will be shown.

Make plans to join the seminar and to explore more about “Physics-Based Digital Twins”.

Agenda & Registration: NAFEMS Physics-Based Digital Twins


Picture source: NAFEMS Ltd.