Acoustical virtual Product Development

Mvoid Services & Software

At Mvoid we guide our customers in Virtual Product Development by utilizing advanced multiphysics simulations. All aspects of the audio system are modeled, culminating in real-time auralizations where the full system is listened to in validating design decisions. We are your competent partner wherever sound occurs.

Mvoid Software & Tools

Mvoid has developed an extensive roadmap for sound system design utilizing virtual acoustics. The Mvoid multidisciplinary methodology provides a simulation environment for safe analysis that enables a continuous evaluation and improvement of products and systems. Throughout the complete development process validation procedures confirm that the Virtual Product Development cycle meets the objectives of the primary target.

For this Mvoid uses proprietary modules that integrate with industry standard software packages to realize and implement multidisciplinary simulations. Additionally, Mvoid uses specially developed proprietary software tools for virtual tuning and auralization (VRtool) where acoustic results can be auditioned over headphones.

Mvoid Training and Technology Transfer:
Upon customer request we provide our Mvoid methodology in personalized training sessions where the learning contents are transferred during customer projects. Through a step-by-step approach your employees review (or learn) the basis of physics and the modeling of simulation processes up to the implementation of complex multidisciplinary audio system simulations. The Mvoid methodology is licensed in multiple levels.

Mvoid Consulting & Realization

Consulting services range from first feasibility studies and realization to the implementation of the fully virtual development environment throughout the product development process. By analyzing in the virtual environment utilizing our own Mvoid methodology we develop a path where your product ideas can be realized. We identify risks and define the criteria and priorities at the beginning of the product development phase ensuring that results achieve primary targets within the preferred timeline. For you, this means an optimum technical and economical realization of your concepts from the first idea to the market entrance.

In addition, as experts in electro-acoustics hardware we are at your disposal as an adviser if you need profound know-how in transducers, systems and acoustics in any phase or with a particular problem.

Based on years of expertise, close integration of research, product development and consulting in our partner network and the permanent exchange of acoustic experts with customers, the developed methodology and processes are highly innovative and reflect the latest scientific findings.

Mvoid follows a partnership approach where all of our projects and solutions are customer specific.