The Drive: Car Companies and Audio Equipment Makers are Pushing in-car Music Technology Farther Than Ever

August 31, 2018

The challenges of achieving great audio in a car are tremendous. Though engineers working on home or studio systems have space to play with generous size and weight constraints, vehicles are compact environments, filled with disparate materials that add or subtract from the sound. Acoustics are hampered by road and wind noise, vibrations, and the sound of the engine. Add in such contemporary variables as automatic stop/start systems that shut off the engine at stoplights and electric or hybrid vehicles that further monkey with background noise levels in often-unpredictable ways, and you start to see the problems engineers face.


Eric Adams from The Drive addresses this issue in the article “Automakters and Audio Comapnies are Pushing in-Car Music Technology Farther Than Ever”. He interviewed various industry experts, including experts from well-known OEMs and suppliers, as well as Dr. Alfred Svobodnik.


We are particularly pleased with the quote from Mike Hanks, Functional Manager, Audio and Communications at Bentley Motors:


Bentley’s Hanks says the Mvoid approach has paid off. “We get into digital prototyping with Mvoid early in the design process,” he says. “Before we build the car, we start playing around with speaker locations and mountings, and even the stiffness of the thing it’s mounted do. Then we run the prototype and validate it with an existing car. When we compare the two, we find the simulation to be 70 to 75 percent accurate. We’ve won some battles over speaker placement through these virtual demonstrations.”


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Source:  The Drive, Author: Eric Adams: August 31, 2018